AVISE SLE Monitor is a highly advanced test designed to measure lupus disease activity with a combination of 5 specialized biomarkers, including EC4d, exclusively available from Exagen Diagnostics.

How can AVISE SLE Monitor help me?

AVISE SLE Monitor provides additional information, that is only available from these specific tests.  This added insight might be the clue to help your doctor achieve and maintain control over your lupus.


AVISE SLE Monitor is composed of the following markers:

Complement Markers
EC4d – is a patented biomarker that measures complement activation, which is thought to play a significant role in lupus disease activity.

C3 & C4 – are proteins in our blood most people have normal levels.  Abnormally low levels of C3 or C4 can be caused by a number of factors including active lupus.

Auto Antibody Markers
Anti-C1q is a special validated test exclusively offered by Exagen measuring autoantibodies to C1q. Elevated levels of anti-C1q could indicate an increases in lupus activity and possible kidney damage.

Anti-dsDNA by CIA is a recently approved new method for detecting autoantibodies to double stranded DNA (dsDNA). This unique version of dsDNA testing has demonstrated a greater ability to correlate with disease activity compared to older versions of the dsDNA test.

EC4d and Disease ActivityGraph depicting EC4d and lupus disease activity over time.

In a recent clinical study, the biomarker EC4d demonstrated excellent correlation to lupus disease activity.

If you’re ready to take better control of your lupus, ask your doctor about AVISE SLE Monitor today. To help talk to your doctor, download the physician communication letter below.

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