The ideal test for patients with a positive ANA test or anyone concerned they may have lupus or a related condition.

AVISE® CTD is a Connective Tissue Disease (CTD) diagnostic test leveraging
the highest quality standards and scientific analysis.

AVISE® CTD has demonstrated superior performance over traditional biomarkers alone.

AVISE® CTD has been shown to offer*:

  • 48% increase in sensitivity compared to ds-DNA
  • 22% increase in sensitivity compared to low C3 or C4
  • 33% increase in specificity compared to ANA

The following tests are included in AVISE® CTD:


AVISE CTD includes SLE associated markers including an AVISE Index Score, ENA markers to help distinguish specific CTD, RA panel to help rule in rheumatoid arthritis, APS panel to assess risk for thrombosis and cardiovascular events and Thyroid panel to aid in the diagnosis of Graves' and Hashimoto's Syndrome.


When to Use AVISE® CTD

Consider testing with AVISE® CTD for any patient with Lupus-like symptoms or patient/physician suspicion of Lupus (SLE). This may include patients with:

  • Symptoms that mimic lupus
  • Potential for therapy changes
  • Insufficient criteria for ACR SLE classification
  • Fibromyalgia with positive ANA or other suspicion of SLE

*To learn more about the clinical utility of AVISE® CTD from your peers or read current scientific publications, please visit our Resources library.

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