The ideal test for patients with a positive ANA test or anyone concerned they may have lupus or a related condition.

AVISE® CTD is a Connective Tissue Disease (CTD) diagnostic test leveraging
the highest quality standards and scientific analysis.

AVISE® CTD has demonstrated superior performance over traditional biomarkers alone.

AVISE® CTD has been shown to offer*:

  • 48% increase in sensitivity compared to ds-DNA
  • 22% increase in sensitivity compared to low C3 or C4
  • 33% increase in specificity compared to ANA

The following tests are included in AVISE® CTD:


AVISE® CTD Panels_042116


When to Use AVISE® CTD

Consider testing with AVISE® CTD for any patient with Lupus-like symptoms or patient/physician suspicion of Lupus (SLE). This may include patients with:

  • Symptoms that mimic lupus
  • Potential for therapy changes
  • Insufficient criteria for ACR SLE classification
  • Fibromyalgia with positive ANA or other suspicion of SLE

*To learn more about the clinical utility of AVISE® CTD from your peers or read current scientific publications, please visit our Resources library.

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