What is Therapeutic Drug Monitoring or TDM?

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring refers to lab tests that can help you and your physician monitor medication levels in your body to help make more informed decisions about your therapy.

How can it help me manage my condition?

Monitoring can help you take better control of your condition and personalize your treatment.

It can help you and your doctor better assess if your medications are working for you. Some of the factors that can make medication levels fluctuate include; your individual metabolism, medication absorption and personal adherence to medications.

It can help you find out if you are achieving adequate drug levels and if not help you and your doctor make more educated decisions about next steps.

What types of medications can be monitored?

AVISE HCQ is compatible with AVISE Touch

Is a test to help monitor hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or plaquenil levels circulating in your system.

AVISE Touch is compatible with AVISE MTX test

Is a test that provides accurate measurement of active methotrexate or the metabolites of the active form of methotrexate circulating in your system.

Both AVISE HCQ & AVISE MTX are compatible with the innovative AVISE Touch finger stick sample collection device.

How does AVISE Touch work?

AVISE Touch is a low volume, simple-to-use blood collection device that allows for therapeutic drug monitoring with only a couple drops of blood. This sample can be taken in just seconds at your doctor’s office with no need for a standard blood draw.

therapeutic drug monitoring

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